How Much Does A Rangefinder Cost?

A spring-loaded mechanism will be triggered when you enter a three to eight-digit code. This innovative locking system runs on a nine-volt battery that provides eight hours of backup. Silent but secure…This model opens silently, meaning that you will not have to worry about alerting potential attackers.

The only thing that is missing is the addition of an alarm. Large Game Rifle HuntersLarge game rifle hunters should consider hunting rangefinder models that pick out deer up to 1,000 yards away. Just as importantly, these shooters need a rangefinder that can be calibrated to match their exact weapon set up.

Achieving this will mean there is no interference between your scope and rangefinder. This benefit will be seen in accurate target acquisition at precise, longer-range distances. What’s Your Terrain?Are you shooting over clear prairie or a flattish landscape? Or will you spend the majority of time in wooded, hilly, or mountainous terrain?

We ask this because those who hunt in a regularly changing environment will certainly benefit from incline/decline angle functionality. ConstructionThis factor is particularly important to active hunters. Two aspects that need consideration are:Rugged/Durable buildHunting can get you into some interesting situations. Whether that be climbing tree stands, overcoming natural obstacles, or making your way through thickly wooded areas and heavy brush.

Equipment knocks and bumps go with the territory. As a minimum, make sure the rangefinder you choose is able to withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. This will be seen in its quality of build and shock-proof ability. Built to withstand the elementsHunters can’t control the weather, but we do have power over how a rangefinder performs in varying conditions.

Go for one that offers water and fog proofing. This will allow you to hunt even when the weather is not at its kindest. It is also important to understand the warranty offered and how other customers have found the manufacturer’s customer service. Rest assured, these factors can go a long way to giving you peace of mind.

Rangefinders range in price! One thing is very clear, with the number of different rangefinders available, you are looking at a wide price range. This can be anything from mid-double-digit dollars up to high treble-digit dollars. Set a ceiling on the price point you are comfortable paying for a rangefinder.

The price of rangefinders varies considerably. Right there on page 299 of the Shooters Bible was a Weaver scope costing, complete with mount, only $9. 75-almost exactly the amount of hard cash I’d saved for such a purchase. But on that same page a quandary presented itself: The $9.

75 scope was of only 4X magnification, but a similar scope of 6X power could be purchased for $12. 50!For less than three bucks more, I could have a scope with half again as much power, which presumably would make any target I shot at appear bigger and easier to hit and extend the effective range of my rifle.

It also explains my “sin” of opting for the little 6X rather than the 4X so many years ago. Does this mean that we’re to be forever handicapped by low-power scopes on our rimfires even though higher magnification would be both desirable and beneficial in many shooting circumstances? Not at all. Scopes have come a long way since I bought that little Weaver and there now exists a selection I never could have imagined. The catalogs of just about every maker or importer of telescopic sights list dedicated “rimfire” scopes.

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