Tomato? Tomatah? Incubator or accelerator?

Tomato? Tomatah? Incubator or accelerator?

Accelerators and Incubators play a key role in the startup community. However, it's become increasingly more difficult for entrepreneurs to decide what program to enroll in.  What program is right for you?


On Tuesday, August 12, at the Rockies Venture Club Open Table, you'll get a chance to meet representatives of Colorado's major incubator and accelerator programs, who will help entrepreneurs decide which program best suits their needs. See you there!  http://www.rockiesventureclub.org/

CSTI Admin

Colorado Springs Technology Incubator

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Phone: 719.685.7877
Email: info@cstionline.org
Address:  3595 East Fountain Blvd. Colorado Springs, Co
Directions:Google Map - Map Quest - Bing Maps

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“There’s a lot of poor advice out there, which can seriously damage or kill a new company. Entrepreneurs must be very careful about who they invite on their journey and what advice they take. I’m incredibly grateful to the Incubator team for their wisdom and expertise, which have been invaluable to my company.”

Rob Vincent
Founder & CEO of ABA Revolution
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